Uncompromising Fire Protection For Contemporary Steel Framed Glazing With SYSTEMGLAS® Ferro

The steel framing system that was introduced in the UK to provide EI fire protection in butt jointed glazing is now available as a complete, safety-assured glazing system with the launch of the SYSTEMGLAS® Ferro range from Promat UK.

SYSTEMGLAS® Ferro is a complete glazing system suited to contemporary interiors with the fire glass, steel framing, beading and setting blocks supplied directly by Promat UK for maximum traceability. It is installed exclusively by a network of approved installers to ensure total peace of mind for specifiers and clients throughout the design and supply chain, backed with the confidence of Promat UK’s 360 degree wheel of assurance.

As a butt jointed system successfully tested to facilitate large uninterrupted spans of glazing in a vertical or horizontal formation, SYSTEMGLAS® Ferro allows buildings to benefit from maximum natural lighting within rooms, without compromising on integrity and insulation (EI) fire protection of between 30 minutes up to 120 minutes (CERTIFIRE CF5452).

SYSTEMGLAS® Ferro joins the two recently launched SYSTEMGLAS® options – Celare and Advenerat – which utilise the highly respected and established fire resistant PROMATECT® H. These provide architects with the ability to create ‘invisible’, painted or aluminium clad framing for internal glazing. Complementing Ferro, Celare and Advenerat, and to complete the range, a timber option is set to join the range later in 2018.

All the options in the SYSTEMGLAS® range are guaranteed through Promat UK’s 360 degree wheel of assurance. This means that Promat’s passive fire protection experts work closely with customers at every stage of the supply chain. It starts by providing guidance on the right approach at the design and specification stage, and manufacturing consistency is assured as the system produced in-house. This ensures all cutting and processing is completed to the correct standard. Finally, Promat inspects SYSTEMGLAS® on completion to check that it has been installed in accordance with its recommendations and provides a certificate of conformity for installation.

Ian Cowley, Regional Director (UK and Scandinavia) at Promat UK says: “SYSTEMGLAS® Ferro is an important evolution of our pioneering steel framing system which gives total confidence to architects, contractors and clients that their installed glazing will deliver on its passive fire protection promise in the event of a fire.

“Steel is a hugely popular framing material choice for glazing systems so we are delighted to now offer specifiers a ‘belt and braces’ system with Ferro to achieve their aesthetic goals without risk. The full range of options available for SYSTEMGLAS® Ferro and all the products in the SYSTEMGLAS® range can be found in our newly updated Promat Specifiers Guide, available at www.promat-glass.co.uk or by calling us.”



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