We are a professional glazing service that performs all glazier services (including emergency services around the clock) in the East London area. We have been in the glazing business for a number of years now, so we have all the necessary expertise and knowledge to provide you the best possible glazier service in the East London area. We make sure that every part of our service is up to the highest standards of quality.


In order to perform the best glazing service in East London, we use high-quality elements and we pay attention to detail. This is why we always recommend that everyone takes care with how they perform window transport to the final destination. It is very important to transport all window elements vertically or on a firm palette with side fastening strips. When you receive purchased windows–and before we perform a glaziers service–it is important to store them in dry, well ventilated rooms.? When choosing storage space, avoid passages you regularly use, to avoid possible window damage. A window that is directly exposed to sun, without sufficient ventilation, can experience strong heating of the space between window elements. Windows come with protective foil so they can be set against each other. Still, it is important to protect all windows from mechanical damage.


Again, a glazing service is something that only a professional glazier can perform. Not a single window can ensure optimum heat and sound protection if it isn’t installed professionally. Windows that don’t open or close properly after they have been installed by an amateur don’t have a warranty and will surely need emergency glazing service in no time.


When installing PVC windows using foam, the size of the opening should be 1-2 cm larger than the height and width of the window in order to fill in the inter space with the foam. This will enable the window to expand and contract under the temperature influence without obstructions. Foam is injected carefully in the openings because it expands in all directions when in contact with air, filling even the smallest voids. Too much foam can deform a window frame. After the foam hardens, any excess amount can be cut off with a knife. Wooden support wedges can be removed when the foam has completely hardened.


After installation of PVC windows and doors, it is necessary to adjust them at a later point.

In a case when a window opening hasn’t been properly determined in comparison to the construction opening, or if a window wasn’t properly centrered or installed due to heat dilations, you can experience functional problems with the window.? It can have difficulty closing or opening, and the window might crack, in which case you will need emergency repair. If an amateur installs PVC windows and doors, there is always a possibility that they will function with difficulty, but when you get them installed by a professional glazier, these problems can be avoided.


We are a professional glazing company with the tools, professional employees, knowledge and expertise to complete any and every glazing project in the East London area. You can contact us to get a free estimate of your glazing project. One of our professionals will arrive to your address to inspect the interior and provide you with an estimate. Contact us with confidence.